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Looking for a lightweight, battery powered disinfectant sprayer?

The Comac E-Spray is a professional gun sprayer that uses the principle of electrotatic induction to distribute disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly on surfaces.

The Comac E-Spray comes with the case, standard battery and charger.

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Product Description

What is the Comac E-Spray?

The Comac E-Spray is a professional gun sprayer that uses the principle of electrotatic induction to distribute disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly on surfaces.

The E-Spray is lightweight and very comfortable, powered by a lithium battery that allows you to carry out hygienisation for several hours, freely and anywhere, without being tied down by a cable.

The solution is sprayed in very small and light drops, which reach every point of the area to be treated and settle effectively.

Through the electrostatic charge the drops are attracted by the targeted surface and while laying down, they create a sanitizing coating.

How does the Comac E-Spray work?

Electrostatic hygienisation allows to coat a surface quickly and evenly with a sanitising solution.

The electrostatic applicator provides an electrical charge to the solution coming out of the nozzle.

The charged molecules repel each other, so they keep an even distance from each other but, at the same time, they are attracted to the surface to be treated.

The strength of the charged particles is greater than that of gravity, so they are immediately attracted to the surface and do not fall to the ground.

The attraction therefore ensures that all the particles of the solution settle on the surface, thus creating a 360 degree coverage, without leaving out any areas.

Why do you need the Comac E-Spray?

Germs and bacteria are very quick to spread and settle in tight corners and hidden spots.

Disinfecting effectively by hand takes a very long time and required prohibitive costs.

In addition, there are many areas that are difficult to disinfect properly, such as computer keyboards and telephones in offices, or checkouts in supermarket shops.

An electrostatically charged spray can reach the entire targeted area evenly, right down to the most hidden points.

The cloud of charged particles completely envelopes the surface and sanitizes every part of it.

What are the advantages of the Comac E-Spray?

Suitable for many applications

  • Several nozzles are available to create drops of different sizes, according to needs and applications.
  • The small size allows the operator to sanitise small rooms such as bathrooms or offices.

Sanitisation quality

  • The sprayed solution adheres to all surfaces, even curved ones, does not create agglomerated droplets and reaches even hard t access areas.
  • The solution is evenly distributed over the entire surface, providing a 360 degree coverage which increases the quality of the sanitisation.
  • The solution is micronised into small particles, which dry quickly and do not wet the surfaces and do not create drips.
  • The Comac E-Spray improves the customer experience, reassured by a hygienically treated environment.

Sanitisation time

  • Quick distribution of the solution guarantee time saving.
  • Micronisation saves sanitising solution, up to 65%, so that hygienisation can be performed for longer time.

Operating Autonomy

  • Thanks to lithium batteries, the E-Spray can sanitise up to 6 hours continuously.
  • The spare battery doubles operation time.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use so does not tire the operator who can keep working for longer.


  • E-Spray allows you to perform the sanitisation activities required by current regulations on safety in the workplace.
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination between surfaces.

It increases productivity

  • The Comac E-Spray has a positive impact on absenteeism in the workplace and on the overall healthiness of the facility.

Technical Data

  • Estimated coverage (up to sq.m./h/sq.ft./h): 350
  • Tank with disinfectant (l/gal): 1
  • Nozzle shape: Full Cone
  • Particle size µm: 40/80/100
  • Flow rate: 45 (Nozzle for 40 µm particles), 77 (Nozzle for 80 µm particles), 138 (Nozzle for 100 µm particles)
  • Tank autonomy min: 22/12/8
  • Product pump (W): 20
  • Power supply (V/Hz): Li-ion 18V 2Ah
  • Battery charger V: 18V 2000mA (Standard)
  • Autonomy up to (h): 6 (with battery 4Ah)
  • Machine dimensions (Lxhxw) mm/inch: 417x280x95
Additional Information
Additional Information
Weight 1.0000
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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